1. 'Roadsick' - Cancer Bats

  2. Album art concept 1! #art (Taken with instagram)

  4. Possibly the album art for my EP. Just finished it! 


  5. There Is Something To Be Said

    There is something to be said about nights like this. Nights that are so authentic to the basic operation of emotions. Like the simplicity and joy in raindrops on a window, bursting with grace to sooth our souls.

    The delicacy of piano to let your mind go numb and reflect on what it is you truly feel. Replaying the moments that make your heart dance to the simple beat. Welcoming back familiar feelings, like a long lost friend, returning when you need them most.

    These simple desires are the hardest to be met. Ironic isn’t it? The longing to give love, rather than hear the words in translucent meaning, echoing through your ears. The warm embrace that could melt a heart of stone. There is something to be said about nights like this: Authentic. Real.



  6. So I finally decided to record what I am working on! This is very rough, and not the correct duration in parts; however, it gives you a taste of what I have been conjuring up for you guys. Let me know what you think!