1. 'Roadsick' - Cancer Bats


  2. "Oh a good man said
    If you’re feeling dead
    You gotta try to find a way to be alive
    This is not a game
    That you have to play
    Don’t need a reason to breathe
    Just like you die
    Give me thunder
    Give me lightening
    And I will give you every part of me
    Take me dancing
    Get me fucked up
    Play that old guitar and we will sing
    Oh my old man said
    You must lie in your bed
    The way you make it
    No one can make it like you do
    Oh you’re not alone
    You still have a home
    No matter what you do my son I’m still proud of you"
  3. Late Night Writing; comes easy these days. 


  5. "I will collapse, so let’s make this moment last; I am alone. Not because I’m lost, because I’m found"
  6. Lyrics&Lyrics&Lyrics #writing #lyrics #poetry (Taken with instagram)


  7. New Lyrics

    100 days, feel like eternity
    1000 ways, to pass the time.
    Not a single one,
    eases my aching mind.
    "Oh Brother, let me save you"
    "Oh, but im confined"
    "Oh father, wont you help me?"
    "I havent the time"
    Bound by a satin sash,
    to cover their eyes.
    What does it prove to act right?
    Im broken, numb to the “serenity”
    chilled, straight through my bones
    Sorrow had a son,
    named it misery.
    And the bastard roams free

  8. Found my old notebooks aka lyrics! Wow I was inspired last year! #writing #notebook #doodles #lyrics (Taken with instagram)


  9. "

    We’ll pack our things and we’ll move away
    A thousand miles from this frozen lake
    We’ll find a place where we both can stay

    We’ll find a city with a million people
    Find an apartment where the rent is real low
    We’ll disappear and no one will notice
    How about it Darling?

    — Said The Whale, ‘Out On The Shield’
  10. I finally got around to writing a new song. I wrote this last night, at about 3 in the morning. This will be be put to music in the next couple days, and hopefully a recorded version will surface. Its called ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’