1. 'Roadsick' - Cancer Bats


  2. My latest original demo, “Sing Me Something”


  3. My cover of the Arkells’ song “Kiss Cam” 


  4. "Don’t think twice, it’s alright"
    — Bob Dylan

  5. "

    Well some may say it’s not even funny
    And there you stand not even trying
    They say it is in line with the angel
    Sometimes noise is just your mind

    But the lesson is vague in the light now
    Shows a dear with her mind on the moor
    And I’ll something with the sun is just a friend
    Since they shook the earth in 1904

    — The Tallest Man On The Earth - ‘1904’

  6. Hey Everyone!
    So I decided to share one of the new demos from the recording sessions in Edmonton!
    Here it is, the pre production arrangement for ‘Seasick Lullaby’ 


  7. "Then I remember thinking back to when I was kid—wanting to make music for a living—and I remember going through a period where I felt defeated because no one was listening to what I was doing, but then I realized I had to actually work for it and get out there and show people that I think I could write a good song as opposed to just waiting for them to come listen to it"
    — Dallas Green
  8. Another picture from tonight #music #live #acoustic #lights (Taken with instagram)

  9. New song done today! Check it put at soundcloud.com/garrettolsonmusic #electricguitar #fret #fingers #music (Taken with instagram)

  10. What an amazing crowd tonight! #live #music #acoustic (Taken with instagram)