1. My response to the KONY 2012 movement, in poetic form.

    Here I stand, looking at the world.

    Looking in the eyes of cruelty and hate.

    Genocide and oppression, murder and corruption;

    While the bodies pile high, and the headlines change.


    Feet frozen, and actions follow suit.

    Why does a voice take so long to speak?

    When the eyes of society have watched in vain,

    After showers in the Reich, we vowed to change.

    But time and time again, it’s clear to say,

    The blood of our fellow man; our hands ‘ve been stained.


    So open your eyes; not just your heart.

    And bow our heads in shame,

    For the promises not keeped.

    Pause to reflect, to realize the truth:

    For the years our voices, were aloof