1. I’m drowning in my thoughts. The solitude is destroying me. My mind is crumbling. My chest is exploding.
    This sea of words and bloody love.


  2. Words linger on the tip of my tongue,

    as their taste resides on my lips.

    Read me.

  3. 'Warmth' - G. Olosn

  5. And the leaves began to fall, they were mirroring my feelings; through the autumn air

  6. Late Night Writing; comes easy these days. 

  7. Hello, Old Friend


  8. Thursday

    I’ve been waiting for you to grace me with your presence for what seems to be a century. It’s bittersweet: vindictive and blissful.
    Time has changed me. This has ruined me. I’ve been broken down, punished, and left to live in vain.
    Please let Thursday be my saving grace.
    My hopes are not high; rather, I brace for the toughest news I could ever deal with.
    Thursday better ring bells of freedom: serenading my soul from the grips of this hell.
    Thursday. Thursday is the day I both fear and applaud.

  9. Music festival/workshop in Edmonton tomorrow: celebrate with some retro pens and a journal #journal #retro #tattoo #me #writing (Taken with instagram)

  10. Lyrics&Lyrics&Lyrics #writing #lyrics #poetry (Taken with instagram)